GBT094 phenotype screening week of 4-11-10

Sunday, April 11 2010 @ 09:34 AM CDT

Contributed by: courtney

 pr. 1- 26/30 RFP+, edema found in 3/30. Not linked to red. 

pr. 2- 21/29 RFP+, edema found in 5/30. Day 1-some oil droplets found in yolk of some embryos and 8 were found to have small heads. Not linked to red. 

pr. 3- 22/30 RFP+. Day 1- some oil droplets in the yolk of some embryos. Small eyes, shorter pectoral fin and rounder yolk observed on day 4. Not linked to red. 


All three pairs appear to be true in-crosses and phenotypes observed not linked to red.

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