GBT0433 phenotype screen for week of 9/16/12

Monday, September 24 2012 @ 03:25 PM CDT

Contributed by: MarkU

This week we screened 4 inx pairs of gbt0433.  A phenotype was observed in all four pairs.  RFP was not sorted because inx pairs were 100% red (possibly maternal).  The phenotype was slow blood flow.  This phenotype was questionable as some did not agree or see the phenotype.


Pair. 1  7/30 contained phenotype

Pair. 2  1/31 contained phenotype

Pair. 3 8/30 contained phenotype

Pair. 4 16/27 contained phenotype


This phenotype needs to be reexamined with new inx. pairs and with other tools to measure blood flow.

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