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Line Designation: GBT0430
Lab: Ekker lab - Mayo Clinic
GBT Plasmid: RP8.1
Tagged Gene: ppp3cca; protein phosphatase 3, catalytic subunit, gamma isozyme, a (from GenBank)
Tagged Gene Status:
Alternative Gene Names: ppp3cc, sb:cb767, si:dkey-21k4.5 (from GenBank)
Alternative Names: RP8 pr.4
Allele: mn0430Gt

Insertion Location:
  5' Genome:
  3' Genome:
RACE Tags:
  5' RACE:
  3' RACE:

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gbt0430 phenotype screen for week of 3/1/13

This week we had one inx pr. give

pr. 1 29/30 R+ and no phenotype

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GBT0430 Phenotype screen for week of 9/16/12

This week we had 4 inx. pairs.  We did not observe any linked phenotypes for any of these pairs.

RFP was observed but not sorted.  The line is very weak and it was imposible to distinguish weak RFP from RFP-.  Some fish Observed contained brighter RFP+ kidneys but the degree of brightness varied within the dish.

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