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Line Gene ID Tagged Gene Date Tagged Alternative Gene Names Status
GBT0505 572369 intergenic (internal) kirrel3b (GenBank) 2018-05-03 kirrel3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1093 100126126 ryr2a (internal) ryr2a (GenBank) 2018-03-07 ryr2 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0599 768182 mcu (GenBank) 2018-03-02 ccdc109a, wu:fi24a01, zgc:153607 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1042 562146 intergeneic (internal) pard3bb (GenBank) 2018-02-09 pard3bb (internal) si:ch211-285n22.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1259 100537272 LOC100537272 (GenBank) 2018-02-07 Confirmed
GBT1023 322106 csnk1da (GenBank) 2018-02-01 Csnk1d, csnk1dl, wu:fb50c04, zgc:63971 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0776 796370 edar (GenBank) 2018-01-17 fls (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0261 799247 capn12 (GenBank) 2017-12-21 si:ch211-160d20.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0926 790941 dele1 (GenBank) 2017-11-08 death ligand signal enhancer (internal) zgc:158257 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0148 Intergenic (internal) 2017-10-02 Confirmed
GBT0522 30708 fabp2 (internal) fabp2 (GenBank) 2017-09-27 I-FABP, ifabp, zgc:92264 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1248 100148041 tnk2a (internal) tnk2a (GenBank) 2017-09-27 si:dkey-150o13.3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1278 735249 selenos (internal) selenos (GenBank) 2017-09-27 sels, vimp, wu:fc16a03, zgc:136970 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1129 560875 intergenic (cacna1ha) (internal) cacna1ha (GenBank) 2017-09-26 sb:cb648 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0951 393521 macrod2 (GenBank) 2017-09-20 zgc:65960 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0760 110437953 adgrl2b.1 (GenBank) 2017-09-01 adgrl2b.1 (internal) lphn2.2, lphn2b.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0130 337397 tmem30aa (GenBank) 2017-05-10 tmem30a, wu:fj66b08, zgc:91877 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0978 568996 zfpm2a (internal) zfpm2a (GenBank) 2017-05-10 FOG-A, fog2a, zgc:152696 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1033 555701 rreb1b (internal) rreb1b (GenBank) 2017-02-27 rreb1b (internal) si:ch211-279l9.6, si:ch211-279l9.7 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1081 403074 fnbp4 (internal) fnbp4 (GenBank) 2017-01-30 Candidate
GBT0235 557195 lrpprc (GenBank) 2017-01-26 fc13c04, im:7150924, im:7151572, wu:fc13c04, wu:fj38h02 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0988 569183 ca16b (GenBank) 2017-01-10 wu:fb17c03 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0959 562529 flna (GenBank) 2016-12-22 fb98b06, fd09g03, wu:fb98b06, wu:fd09g03, wu:fd49a06 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1110 564054 usp2b (GenBank) 2016-11-04 Candidate
GBT0913 30240 fbln1 (GenBank) 2016-10-28 FIBL-1, fbln1c, fbln1d, wu:fc52c06 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1027 557315 kirrel3l (GenBank) 2016-10-24 cb33, kirrel3, sb:cb33, si:dkey-29g23.1, wu:fb74e02 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1018 557315 kirrel3l (GenBank) 2016-10-17 cb33, kirrel3, sb:cb33, si:dkey-29g23.1, wu:fb74e02 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1007 567049 myrip (GenBank) 2016-10-17 SlaC2-c, si:dkey-189e1.4 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0528 323269 zbtb16a (internal) zbtb16a (GenBank) 2016-10-12 ZNF145, wu:fb93g12, wu:fc07c10, zbtb16, zgc:55675 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1025 100137115 zgc:173713 (GenBank) 2016-09-21 Candidate
GBT0536 553343 si:ch211-266g18.10 (GenBank) 2016-09-19 Candidate
GBT0571 445472 myo6b (GenBank) 2016-09-19 Candidate
GBT0573 intergeneic (internal) 2016-09-19 Confirmed
GBT0574 intergenic (internal) 2016-09-19 Candidate
GBT0583 406831 gyg1a (GenBank) 2016-09-19 fc13d04, fi23f07, gyg, gyg1, wu:fc13d04, wu:fi23f07, zgc:55385, zgc:85619 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0525 100333948 MAPK8IP1 (1 of 2) (internal) mapk8ip1b (GenBank) 2016-09-16 Confirmed
GBT0234 100334415 grb14 (GenBank) 2016-09-15 Candidate
GBT0256 550554 ppp3cb (internal) ppp3cb (GenBank) 2016-09-15 ppp3cb (internal) wu:fq19c08, zgc:110141 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0264 intergenic (internal) 2016-09-15 Confirmed
GBT0267 550554 ppp3cb (internal) ppp3cb (GenBank) 2016-09-15 wu:fq19c08, zgc:110141 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0290 intergenic (internal) 2016-09-15 Candidate
GBT0298 100007373 zgc:194659 (internal) zgc:194659 (GenBank) 2016-09-15 zgc:194000, zgc:194020, zgc:194702 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0306 intergenic (internal) 2016-09-15 Candidate
GBT0308 si:ch211-241n15.3 (internal) 2016-09-15 Confirmed
GBT0310 intergenic (internal) 2016-09-15 Candidate
GBT0322 cr394568.1 (internal) 2016-09-15 Confirmed
GBT0341 intergenic (internal) 2016-09-15 Candidate
GBT0343 intergenic (internal) 2016-09-15 Candidate
GBT0374 intergenic (internal) 2016-09-15 Candidate
GBT0378 intergenic (internal) 2016-09-15 Candidate
GBT0380 795234 zgc:174694 (internal) znf1140 (GenBank) 2016-09-15 zgc:174694 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0401 560003 erc1b (internal) erc1b (GenBank) 2016-09-15 si:ch211-234p1.2, si:dkey-222l13.1, si:dkey-85m15.2 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0402 566484 scaf11 (internal) scaf11 (GenBank) 2016-09-15 scaf11 (internal) sfrs2ip, si:ch211-132p20.2, srsf2ip (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0044 553300 dchs1b (GenBank) 2016-09-14 dchs1, im:7136458, im:7156059, pcdh16l (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0083 100332706 zmiz1b (GenBank) 2016-09-14 Candidate
GBT0133 58077 zic2a (GenBank) 2016-09-14 cb851, fb26a03, wu:fb26a03, zic2, zic2.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0201 556341 mhc1zca (GenBank) 2016-09-14 dZ63M10.1, si:ch211-287j19.5, zgc:111893, zgc:136614 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0229 353224 nrarpa (GenBank) 2016-09-14 Nrarp-a, fc89b12, id:ibd2282, wu:fa14d10, wu:fc89b12, zgc:100826 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0023 101882228 diaphanous1 (internal) LOC101882228 (GenBank) 2016-09-12 Candidate
GBT0027 101882228 Diaphanous1 (internal) LOC101882228 (GenBank) 2016-09-12 Candidate
GBT0028 101882228 diaphanous 1 (internal) LOC101882228 (GenBank) 2016-09-12 Confirmed
GBT0382 335072 si:ch1073-170o4.1 (GenBank) 2016-09-12 fa12h11, wu:fa12h11 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0053 100330629 ptprd (internal) ptprd (GenBank) 2016-09-09 Candidate
GBT0253 559150 hmcn1 (GenBank) 2016-09-06 si:ch211-169j21.3 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0342 555852 si:dkey-7n6.2 (internal) si:dkey-7n6.2 (GenBank) 2016-08-31 Candidate
GBT0510 553343 si:ch211-266g18.10 (internal) si:ch211-266g18.10 (GenBank) 2016-08-31 Confirmed
GBT0142 100004850 aatka (internal) aatka (GenBank) 2016-08-30 aatka (internal) Confirmed
GBT0982 100329339 si:ch211-216b21.2 (GenBank) 2016-07-11 hs3st3a1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1026 100007836 si:dkey-253d23.3 (GenBank) 2016-07-11 Candidate
GBT1069 558502 ryk (GenBank) 2016-07-11 wu:fb37b12, wu:fi05b06, zgc:158381 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0766 565563 kif5c (GenBank) 2016-07-08 si:ch211-157c24.3 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0770 563598 nrxn3a (GenBank) 2016-07-08 im:7144250, nrxn3aa, nrxn3ab, wu:fj54c11 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0771 101883316 si:ch73-290k24.5 (GenBank) 2016-07-08 Candidate
GBT0775 561001 cd83 (GenBank) 2016-07-08 si:ch211-149p10.2 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0782 797715 ogdhb (GenBank) 2016-07-08 si:ch211-229p19.3 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0791 368415 ptenb (GenBank) 2016-07-08 fa11a08, fb73f10, fc83f12, fd16b10, fk90e11, pten, si:bz1g13.4, wu:fa11a08, wu:fb73f10, wu:fc83f12, wu:fd16b10, wu:fk90e11 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0909 567446 nusap1 (GenBank) 2016-07-08 YF-9, ankt, fb76a01, fi37a11, sb:cb490, wu:fb76a01, wu:fi37a11 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0928 100136839 igf2bp2a (GenBank) 2016-07-08 crfb14, crfb16, igf2bp2, si:ch211-125m20.1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0931 793262 si:dkey-1d7.3 (GenBank) 2016-07-08 Candidate
GBT0162 724006 mgat5 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 mgat5a, si:dkeyp-4h4.2, zgc:136939 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0236 445168 sptlc3 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 si:dkey-246k9.1, zgc:101107 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0358 103910465 znf1140 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 zgc:174694 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0370 797715 ogdhb (GenBank) 2016-07-07 si:ch211-229p19.3 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0395 170784 ube4b (GenBank) 2016-07-07 UFD2, zgc:109766 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0515 30311 ek1 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 epha3, etID309879.24, rtk7, zgc:100780 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0542 556341 mhc1zca (GenBank) 2016-07-07 dZ63M10.1, si:ch211-287j19.5, zgc:111893, zgc:136614 (GenBank)
GBT0546 799867 ptprfb (GenBank) 2016-07-07 fj23e12, lar, ptprf, si:dkey-21k10.1, wu:fj23e12 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0553 560003 erc1b (GenBank) 2016-07-07 si:ch211-234p1.2, si:dkey-222l13.1, si:dkey-85m15.2 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0565 791173 pnpla7a (GenBank) 2016-07-07 zgc:158748 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0582 562854 lap3 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 im:7150907 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0589 561144 jazf1a (GenBank) 2016-07-07 si:ch211-204j16.1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0590 541428 znrd1 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 zgc:110825 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0592 30604 cfb (GenBank) 2016-07-07 Bf-1, Brre-Bf, bf, zgc:114032 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0701 563577 ppp1r13ba (GenBank) 2016-07-07 cb375, fc63g02, fc76b12, sb:cb375, si:ch73-9j13.1, wu:fa02c01, wu:fb69g10, wu:fc63g02, wu:fc76b12 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0706 101886283 maml3 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 si:dkey-265k11.4 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0708 795199 adam15 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 si:dkey-24i24.1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0709 550554 ppp3cb (GenBank) 2016-07-07 wu:fq19c08, zgc:110141 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0711 558640 tmem168b (GenBank) 2016-07-07 Candidate
GBT0716 541428 znrd1 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 zgc:110825 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0720 568465 si:dkey-93h22.7 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 Candidate
GBT0728 117603 klf3 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 klf12 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0729 393844 znrf1 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 zgc:77896 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0741 562045 gatad2b (GenBank) 2016-07-07 si:dkeyp-66g8.1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0743 553610 pole4 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 zgc:110337 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0752 559276 ahnak (GenBank) 2016-07-07 wu:fb05a01, wu:fu74f12 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0763 368323 si:ch211-204c21.1 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 sb:cb458 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0764 30154 gli2a (GenBank) 2016-07-07 fc85b05, gli2, wu:fc85b05, yot, you-too (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0765 326058 scrn3 (GenBank) 2016-07-07 wu:fd60b06, zgc:55430 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0581 2016-03-08 Candidate
GBT0736 chst3a (GenBank) 2016-03-08 si:ch211-232k3.6 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1062 791612 mat2ab (GenBank) 2016-03-08 zgc:110847 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0313 565460 csmd2 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 CSMD, CUB, si:bz1c3.1, sushi (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0593 393716 skp1 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 skp1a, zgc:73186 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0722 569986 dip2cb (GenBank) 2016-03-08 si:dkey-7l6.7 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0757 555517 kat2a (GenBank) 2016-03-08 gb:dq017634, im:7156024 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0759 559119 tnk2b (GenBank) 2016-03-08 ackb, si:ch73-329g8.1, tnk2 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0785 393509 mboat7 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 leng4, zgc:66032 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0795 562459 znf414 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 si:dkey-5i22.6, wu:fc85e04 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0902 566696 si:ch211-216l23.1 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 zgc:158272, znf423 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0906 393638 timm50 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 zgc:66357 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0914 570749 si:ch211-264f5.2 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 sc:d147 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0923 436862 psma6b (GenBank) 2016-03-08 zgc:92716 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0929 567623 zgc:174153 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 ctsl (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0941 100333571 zmiz2 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 si:dkey-259k14.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0966 563806 plpp2a (GenBank) 2016-03-08 lpp2-like (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0967 100004307 nrn1la (GenBank) 2016-03-08 nrn1l, si:ch211-265b3.1 (GenBank)
GBT0972 114446 dlg1 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 Dlgh1, SAP-97A, wu:fc34d02, zgc:55810 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0980 559150 hmcn1 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 si:ch211-169j21.3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0981 559126 tmem8a (GenBank) 2016-03-08 si:dkeyp-75b4.6 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0983 555467 specc1lb (GenBank) 2016-03-08 cytsab (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0990 101882209 mtmr11 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 wu:fj83e02 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0993 557073 cdip1 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 zgc:165666 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1021 561238 afg1la (GenBank) 2016-03-08 lace1a (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1030 557717 stxbp1b (GenBank) 2016-03-08 si:rp71-10d23.3 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1036 569346 mark4a (GenBank) 2016-03-08 sb:eu746, si:dkey-85k8.8 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1043 373872 fyna (GenBank) 2016-03-08 c-fyn, fyn, zgc:86720 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1045 569040 plcd3a (GenBank) 2016-03-08 zgc:158396 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1050 378963 eno3 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 cb883, fj24f12, wu:fj24f12 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1054 558450 kdm1a (GenBank) 2016-03-08 aof2, kdm1, wu:fb82e06, wu:fc51a02, wu:fj36a05, wu:fj66b06 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1055 557926 ppp3cca (GenBank) 2016-03-08 ppp3cc, sb:cb767, si:dkey-21k4.5 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1066 572114 cyp2ae1 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 si:ch211-121b5.4 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1068 436925 cacnb1 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 zgc:91982 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1070 393646 zfpl1 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 zgc:63760 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1089 327167 mynn (GenBank) 2016-03-08 wu:fd15c04, zgc:55724 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1102 100333665 gbe1a (GenBank) 2016-03-08 si:ch211-213e17.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1104 325292 nsun2 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 wu:fc65a08, zgc:55517 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1108 100330772 ampd2a (GenBank) 2016-03-08 si:ch211-103a14.2 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT1118 565889 d2hgdh (GenBank) 2016-03-08 zgc:158661 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT1142 562320 nwd2 (GenBank) 2016-03-08 Candidate
GBT1137 492500 gsto2 (GenBank) 2016-02-03 zgc:101897 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0588 565373 agrn (GenBank) 2015-11-16 hm:gc12, sb:eu553, wu:fb57e07 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0595 gramd1a (GenBank) 2015-10-29 si:ch211-225p5.11, wu:fc88h04 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0432 MTMR11 (internal) 2015-08-17 Candidate
GBT0392 srgap1 (internal) 2015-08-11 Candidate
GBT0311 Tusc5(1of2) (internal) 2015-07-14 Candidate
GBT0188 553610 pole4 (GenBank) 2015-07-06 zgc:110337 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0262 si:ch73-290k24.5 (internal) 2015-06-18 Candidate
GBT0185 arid1ab (internal) 2015-06-08 Candidate
GBT0403 2015-05-06 Candidate
GBT0160 intergenic (internal) 2015-04-21 Candidate
GBT0314 568454 ablim2 (GenBank) 2015-04-20 Candidate
GBT0750 557081 col7a1 (GenBank) 2014-02-02 fc07e08, wu:fc07e08 (GenBank) Confirmed
MN0003 402869 mbip (GenBank) 2014-01-30 etl3, im:7150927 (GenBank)
GBT0239 796270 map7d1b (GenBank) 2013-10-28 zgc:172238 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0271 565172 map7d1a (GenBank) 2013-09-06 si:ch211-207m11.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0438 gatad2b (GenBank) 2013-09-05 DKEYP-66G8.1, si:dkeyp-66g8.1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0025 553277 dido1 (GenBank) 2013-09-05 datf1l, fi35b04, wu:fi35b04, zgc:158157 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0240 100093707 bcl11ba (internal) bcl11ba (GenBank) 2013-09-05 bcl11ba (internal) si:dkey-238i13.1, wu:fj43a03, zgc:165628 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0250 386769 PTPRM (internal) ptprma (GenBank) 2013-09-05 cb984, ptprm, zgc:110218 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0300 100004133 ddb2 (GenBank) 2013-09-05 si:dkey-45f10.3 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0327 58107 per3 (GenBank) 2013-09-05 period3 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0335 795761 plxna1a (GenBank) 2013-09-05 Candidate
GBT0376 563189 hectd3 (GenBank) 2013-09-05 wu:fc38h02, zgc:153380 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0733 562261 aig1 (GenBank) 2013-09-05 si:ch211-157l15.1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0430 ppp3cca (GenBank) 2013-08-22 ppp3cc, sb:cb767, si:dkey-21k4.5 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0257 2013-08-22 Candidate
GBT0266 2013-08-22 Candidate
GBT0309 2013-08-22 Candidate
GBT0317 2013-08-22 Candidate
GBT0386 2013-08-22 Candidate
GBT0387 2013-08-22 Candidate
GBT0519 nrg1 (GenBank) 2013-08-22 wu:fm70e01 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0561 baz2ba (GenBank) 2013-08-22 zgc:165617 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0579 si:ch211-131e11.21 (GenBank) 2013-08-22 Candidate
GBT0596 dhx32a (GenBank) 2013-08-22 Candidate
GBT0228 795846 mrps34 (GenBank) 2013-08-22 fa19c10, wu:fa19c10, zgc:101877 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0279 692273 cadm3 (GenBank) 2013-08-22 zgc:136589 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0433 393599 ddb1 (GenBank) 2013-08-22 zgc:63840 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0197 2013-08-21 Candidate
GBT0189 562459 znf414 (GenBank) 2013-08-21 si:dkey-5i22.6, wu:fc85e04 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0209 550559 dph1 (GenBank) 2013-08-21 zgc:110702 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0249 791742 b2ml (GenBank) 2013-08-21 b2m, wu:fb66f11, wu:fj01f08, zgc:64161 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0409 100331745 NPR2 (internal) npr2 (GenBank) 2013-08-21 RP8 pr. 17 (internal) Confirmed
GBT0511 567419 oca2 (GenBank) 2013-08-21 Confirmed
GBT0513 65239 map2k6 (GenBank) 2013-08-21 MKK3, map2k3, zMKK3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0534 327082 napab (GenBank) 2013-08-21 napa, wu:fa26c04, zgc:63906 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0570 30154 gli2a (GenBank) 2013-08-21 fc85b05, gli2, wu:fc85b05, yot, you-too (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0591 100009635 dhx37 (GenBank) 2013-08-21 fd11d06, im:7151586, wu:fd11d06, zgc:158802 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0237 100006951 nrg2a (internal) nrg2a (GenBank) 2013-07-30 zgc:162973 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0305 2013-06-25 Candidate
GBT0320 2013-06-25 Candidate
GBT0336 2013-06-25 Candidate
GBT0337 2013-06-25 Candidate
GBT0344 2013-06-25 Candidate
GBT0367 2013-06-25 Candidate
GBT0504 2013-06-25 Candidate
GBT0324 klc1a (GenBank) 2013-06-25 Kns2, zgc:66299 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0537 x 2013-06-25 Candidate
GBT0321 791987 ino80c (GenBank) 2013-06-25 fj61b08, wu:fj61b08, zgc:86850 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0357 569183 ca16b (GenBank) 2013-06-25 wu:fb17c03 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0369 407734 gpm6ab (GenBank) 2013-06-25 DMbeta2, gm6a (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0391 550342 arfip2b (GenBank) 2013-06-25 im:7136059, zgc:112066 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0397 393643 phactr4b (GenBank) 2013-06-25 phactr4, zgc:63484 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0398 791173 pnpla7a (GenBank) 2013-06-25 zgc:158748 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0551 558640 tmem168b (GenBank) 2013-06-25 Candidate
GBT0345 2013-06-24 Candidate
GBT0350 2013-06-24 Candidate
GBT0360 2013-06-24 Candidate
GBT0533 zmat4b (GenBank) 2013-06-24 si:dkey-159k22.3 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0544 antxr2b (GenBank) 2013-06-24 cmg2b (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0563 bnip3la (GenBank) 2013-06-24 bnip3l2, wu:fb52b03, wu:fc02h04 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0714 ncam2 (GenBank) 2013-06-24 zOCAM (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0718 taf6l (GenBank) 2013-06-24 wu:fa05b10 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0329 793671 csgalnact1a (GenBank) 2013-06-24 csgalnact1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0396 562557 smg9 (GenBank) 2013-06-24 fj67f05, si:dkey-79d12.3, wu:fj67f05 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0506 intergenic (internal) 2013-06-24 Confirmed
GBT0518 368504 itsn1 (GenBank) 2013-06-24 SH3, si:dz173a8.1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0520 553367 gpc1a (GenBank) 2013-06-24 Gpc1, si:rp71-69p9.1, zgc:122977 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0523 406407 marcksl1a (GenBank) 2013-06-24 MLP, cb575, marcks1, marcksl1, marcksl1b, sb:cb575, wu:fa66h03, wu:fj18a04, zgc:65840 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0526 30708 fabp2 (GenBank) 2013-06-24 I-FABP, ifabp, zgc:92264 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0527 386629 tob1a (GenBank) 2013-06-24 tob1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0545 563632 wasf3b (GenBank) 2013-06-24 wasf3, wu:fb74d08, wu:fi28e02, zgc:158236 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0549 563182 olfm3a (GenBank) 2013-06-24 olfm3, zgc:171621 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0552 562615 znf1015 (GenBank) 2013-06-24 zgc:113381 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0554 492500 gsto2 (GenBank) 2013-06-24 zgc:101897 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0558 557957 strbp (GenBank) 2013-06-24 sb:cb627, si:ch211-232m7.1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0568 100150488 lrch2 (GenBank) 2013-06-24 sb:eu904 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0572 568184 lrp2a (GenBank) 2013-06-24 im:680590, lrp2 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0585 30256 kita (GenBank) 2013-06-24 c-kit, kit, receptor, sparse (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0700 100538068 LOC100538068 (GenBank) 2013-06-24 Confirmed
GBT0710 564112 magi2a (GenBank) 2013-06-24 fb82g11, magi2, si:dkey-97c7.1, si:dkeyp-86a5.1, wu:fb82g11 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0713 (x) BX649554.3 (internal) 2013-06-24 Candidate
GBT0717 557363 taf6l (GenBank) 2013-06-24 fa05b10, wu:fa05b10 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0726 100003611 radx (GenBank) 2013-06-24 Cxorf57, si:ch211-26b3.2 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0405 si:ch211-191a6.3 (internal) 2013-03-01 Confirmed
GBT0500 SI:DKEY-78K22.2 (internal) 2013-03-01 Confirmed
GBT1105 246222 tbx15 (GenBank) 2013-03-01 zgc:158205, zgc:63576 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0407 492787 cadm4 (GenBank) 2012-10-11 zgc:101704 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0388 2012-09-06 Candidate
GBT0193 pole4 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 zgc:110337 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0020 569437 cntn3a.1 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 cntn3a, si:ch211-247h9.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0057 100007836 si:dkey-253d23.3 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 Candidate
GBT0070 555610 mcm9 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 mcmdc1, si:ch211-112m17.2 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0073 406467 abcf1 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 wu:fb79c06, wu:fc39a05, wu:fj94a08, zgc:85667 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0077 406467 abcf1 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 wu:fb79c06, wu:fc39a05, wu:fj94a08, zgc:85667 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0094 403003 fgf13b (GenBank) 2012-09-06 fgf13l, zgc:76868 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0096 394094 sh3glb2b (GenBank) 2012-09-06 sh3glb2, zgc:55887 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0098 678534 ntm (GenBank) 2012-09-06 zgc:136455 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0113 569437 cntn3a.1 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 cntn3a, si:ch211-247h9.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0131 100004133 ddb2 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 si:dkey-45f10.3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0134 561146 sema4bb (GenBank) 2012-09-06 Candidate
GBT0135 563771 bhlhe41 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 bhlhb3l, dec2, si:ch211-154h20.6 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0143 566046 wtip (GenBank) 2012-09-06 si:ch211-79l17.3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0172 337397 tmem30aa (GenBank) 2012-09-06 tmem30a, wu:fj66b08, zgc:91877 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0176 568845 si:ch211-12m10.1 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 Candidate
GBT0178 436919 ada (GenBank) 2012-09-06 zgc:92028 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0181 30155 tenm3 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 cb399, id:ibd3379, id:ibd3379m, odz3, srs334, ten-3, ten-m3, zgc:153720 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0186 170581 cacna1c (GenBank) 2012-09-06 C-LTCC, isl (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0187 100007836 si:dkey-253d23.3 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 Confirmed
GBT0195 562459 znf414 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 si:dkey-5i22.6, wu:fc85e04 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0200 541428 znrd1 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 zgc:110825 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0204 492787 cadm4 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 zgc:101704 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0208 641575 actn2b (GenBank) 2012-09-06 actn2, wu:fd44c03, zgc:123223 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0232 553567 syt5b (GenBank) 2012-09-06 zgc:109988 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0275 554270 col4a4 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 Confirmed
GBT0346 553730 lrmda (GenBank) 2012-09-06 c10orf11, c13h10orf11, si:ch211-39f22.1, zgc:112463 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0389 767723 mosmob (GenBank) 2012-09-06 zgc:153595 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0399 571887 kirrel3a (GenBank) 2012-09-06 si:ch211-185j22.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0404 564731 LOC564731 (GenBank) 2012-09-06 Confirmed
GBT0437 445226 casq1a (GenBank) 2012-09-06 bZ1G18.2, zgc:100957 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0503 30768 stat1a (GenBank) 2012-09-06 stat1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0439 palm1a (GenBank) 2012-06-29 palm, zgc:110136 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0184 2012-06-29 Candidate
GBT0170 378997 glcci1a (GenBank) 2012-06-29 glcci1, sb:cb902, testhymin, zgc:158237 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0263 559150 hmcn1 (GenBank) 2012-06-29 si:ch211-169j21.3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0323 558149 adarb2 (GenBank) 2012-06-29 si:dkey-255g15.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0383 554230 kdr (GenBank) 2012-06-29 flk1, flk1b, kdrb, si:busm1-205d10.1, si:ch211-254j6.1, si:ch211-278f21.4, vegfr2b, wu:fc31a09 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0435 558326 nrxn2a (GenBank) 2012-06-29 Confirmed
GBT0270 568996 zfpm2a (GenBank) 2012-06-28 FOG-A, fog2a, zgc:152696 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0316 324381 fkbp10b (GenBank) 2012-06-28 fkbp10, wu:fc27c03 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0319 791987 ino80c (GenBank) 2012-06-11 fj61b08, wu:fj61b08, zgc:86850 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0434 393950 gar1 (GenBank) 2012-06-11 nola1, zgc:56086 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0144 565405 unkl (GenBank) 2012-05-08 si:ch211-66h3.3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0422 245700 ppargc1al (internal) insrb (GenBank) 2012-04-16 IRb, sb:eu666, si:dkey-6n3.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0196 559276 ahnak (GenBank) 2012-04-10 wu:fb05a01, wu:fu74f12 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0245 30526 msx3 (GenBank) 2012-04-10 homeobox, msh-C, mshC, msx-c, msxc, zgc:86596 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0103 100002190 cyth3a (GenBank) 2012-03-14 cyth3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0363 449787 atp5f1 (internal) atp5pb (GenBank) 2011-12-17 atp5f1, fb59g11, fj08b08, wu:fb59g11, wu:fj08b08, zgc:101887 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0364 323329 mat2aa (internal) mat2aa (GenBank) 2011-12-17 fd12a12, mat2a, si:ch73-340n8.1, wu:fb95e01, wu:fd12a12 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0418 553738 zgc:113030 (internal) zgc:113030 (GenBank) 2011-12-15 Candidate
GBT0365 553679 sncgb (internal) sncgb (GenBank) 2011-11-05 sncg, zgc:112131 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0411 393275 dnajb6 (internal) dnajb6b (GenBank) 2011-11-05 dnajb6, zgc:56709 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0412 407710 xpo7 (internal) xpo7 (GenBank) 2011-11-05 Confirmed
GBT0415 570029 arrdc1b (internal) arrdc1b (GenBank) 2011-11-05 wu:fb82e04 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0416 322795 csrnp1b (internal) csrnp1b (GenBank) 2011-11-05 fb73e11, wu:fb73e11, zgc:66340 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0419 555578 rxraa (internal) rxraa (GenBank) 2011-11-05 RXRalpha-B (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0424 566039 v2rl1 (internal) v2rl1 (GenBank) 2011-11-05 VR5.3, si:ch211-141o12.1, v2r2l1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0425 550455 mrps18b (internal) mrps18b (GenBank) 2011-11-05 wu:fj45h02, zgc:112517 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0410 436819 vapal (internal) vapal (GenBank) 2011-11-04 zgc:92788 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0174 2011-11-02 Candidate
GBT0440 393455 hao2 (GenBank) 2011-08-24 zgc:63690 (GenBank)
GBT0241 561900 fip1l1a (GenBank) 2011-08-15 si:dkey-161n17.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0312 799867 ptprfb (GenBank) 2011-08-15 fj23e12, lar, ptprf, si:dkey-21k10.1, wu:fj23e12 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0340 561772 nfatc3a (GenBank) 2011-02-03 im:7138283, nfatc3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0034 567642 si:dkey-181m9.8 (GenBank) 2011-01-04 wu:fe36b10 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0035 559134 parga (GenBank) 2010-12-30 parg (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0154 449761 si:ch211-163l21.8 (GenBank) 2010-12-08 im:7136654 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0033 100003333 similar to leucine rich repeat protein 4, neuronal or si:dkeyp-73c8.2 (internal) lrch4 (GenBank) 2010-12-03 LOC557663 (internal) si:dkeyp-73c8.2 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0091 100002220 enox1 (GenBank) 2010-12-03 si:dkey-169b7.7 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0125 100333685 LOC100007945 (internal) cd302 (GenBank) 2010-11-30 CD302; DCL1; DCL-1 (internal) Confirmed
GBT0175 569561 arhgef25b (GenBank) 2010-11-19 im:7156160 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0231 266983 neo1a (GenBank) 2010-11-19 cb333, neo1, zgc:109795, zneo1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0283 793623 sh3kbp1 (GenBank) 2010-11-19 si:dkey-108d10.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0325 557764 megf6b (GenBank) 2010-11-05 Confirmed
GBT0347 541491 nectin3b (GenBank) 2010-11-04 fj99c02, nectin3, pvrl3b, pvrl3l, wu:fj99c02, zgc:113035 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0303 567366 prr11 (GenBank) 2010-10-19 si:ch211-168p1.4 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0338 561144 jazf1a (GenBank) 2010-10-19 si:ch211-204j16.1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0242 554131 tex261 (GenBank) 2010-10-14 fb72a06, wu:fb72a06, zgc:110022 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0243 563577 ppp1r13ba (GenBank) 2010-10-14 cb375, fc63g02, fc76b12, sb:cb375, si:ch73-9j13.1, wu:fa02c01, wu:fb69g10, wu:fc63g02, wu:fc76b12 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0278 2010-07-09 Candidate
GBT0285 2010-07-09 Candidate
GBT0277 563459 kif5ba (GenBank) 2010-07-09 si:ch211-159p3.5 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0281 797715 ogdhb (GenBank) 2010-07-09 si:ch211-229p19.3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0286 797252 emid1 (GenBank) 2010-07-09 si:ch211-149d1.5 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0291 394094 sh3glb2b (GenBank) 2010-07-09 sh3glb2, zgc:55887 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0292 541428 znrd1 (GenBank) 2010-07-09 zgc:110825 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0161 2010-06-14 Candidate
GBT0164 2010-06-14 Candidate
GBT0254 2010-06-14 Candidate
GBT0272 2010-06-14 Candidate
GBT0001 559053 casz1; castor zinc finger 1 (internal) casz1 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 sb:eu580; wu:fk85f10; casz1 (internal) sb:eu580, wu:fk85f10 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0002 563408 si:ch211-51g4.4 (internal) sorbs2b (GenBank) 2010-06-14 sorbs2, argbp2 (internal) si:ch211-51g4.4 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0005 570216 itgb1b; integrin, beta 1b (internal) itgb1b (GenBank) 2010-06-14 cb810; itgb1; itgb1b (internal) cb810, itgb1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0007 794348 nrde2 (internal) nrde2 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 LOC794348 (internal) c14orf102 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0010 30461 cdh11; cadherin 11, osteoblast (internal) cdh11 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 vnc; cdhvn; cdh11 (internal) cdhvn, vnc (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0016 58138 pre-B-cell leukemia transcription factor 1a (internal) pbx1a (GenBank) 2010-06-14 pbx1b; fi29e01; zgc:55265; wu:fi29e01; pbx1a (internal) fi29e01, pbx1b, wu:fi29e01, zgc:55265 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0019 565629 potassium channel subunit K2P10.1 (internal) kcnk10b (GenBank) 2010-06-14 k2p10.1; CH211-51O12.3; trek2a (internal) k2p10.1, si:ch211-51o12.3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0021 571891 si:ch73-150k18.1 (internal) cntnap5b (GenBank) 2010-06-14 cntnap5 (internal) si:ch73-150k18.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0031 58071 troponin T2a, cardiac (internal) tnnt2a (GenBank) 2010-06-14 cTnT; tnnt2; MGC123151; tnnt2a (internal) cTnT, tnnt2 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0038 541513 srpx (GenBank) 2010-06-14 im:6910500, sprx, zgc:110822 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0039 559579 Gabbr1.2; 6th Intron (internal) gabbr1.2 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 GABA-B-R1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0040 58049 homeo box A3a (internal) hoxa3a (GenBank) 2010-06-14 cb332; hoxa3; fa10d03; wu:fa10d03; hoxa3a (internal) cb332, hoxa3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0043 323266 CD99 antigen-like 2 (internal) cd99l2 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 cb969; mic2l1; fb93g04; wu:fb93g04; cd99l2 (internal) cb969, fb93g04, mic2l1, wu:fb93g04 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0045 564842 abcg4a (GenBank) 2010-06-14 abcg4, si:ch211-117m20.3 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0046 64270 eph receptor A4b (internal) epha4b (GenBank) 2010-06-14 rtk2; EphA3; epha4; epha4b (internal) EphA3, epha4, id:ibd2782, rtk2 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0060 797527 cytokine receptor family member b4 (internal) crfb4 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 crfb4 (internal) Confirmed
GBT0067 559614 myomesin family, member 3 (internal) myom3 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 myom3 (internal) Confirmed
GBT0078 558006 glutamate receptor interacting protein 1 (internal) grip1 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 grip1; si:dkey-6a5.1; si:dkey-244b23.1 (internal) si:dkey-244b23.1, si:dkey-6a5.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0082 394037 chaperonin containing TCP1, subunit 8 (theta) (internal) cct8 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 fa22h09; MGC56059; zgc:56059; wu:fa22h09; cct8 (internal) fa22h09, wu:fa22h09, zgc:56059 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0101 553277 death inducer-obliterator 1 (internal) dido1 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 datf1l; fi35b04; KIAA0333; MGC158157; wu:fi35b04; zgc:158157; dido1 (internal) datf1l, fi35b04, wu:fi35b04, zgc:158157 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0111 569081 rerea (GenBank) 2010-06-14 atrophin2, rere (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0115 Intergenic (internal) 2010-06-14 Confirmed
GBT0118 569437 cntn3a.1 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 cntn3a, si:ch211-247h9.1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0123 245699 insra (GenBank) 2010-06-14 IRa (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0126 405902 neuropilin 2b (internal) nrp2b (GenBank) 2010-06-14 nrp2b; npn-2B; sb:cb513; id:ibd2759 (internal) id:ibd2759, npn-2B, sb:cb513 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0129 Intergenic (internal) 2010-06-14 Candidate
GBT0132 557059 zgc:152670 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 si:ch211-265g22.3 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0137 100004503 eef1a1b (internal) eef1a1b (GenBank) 2010-06-14 MGC192680; wu:fj34g08 (internal) eef1a1, wu:fj34g08, zgc:110335 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0141 368225 glycoprotein M6Ba (internal) gpm6ba (GenBank) 2010-06-14 gpm6ba; MGC136505; zgc:136505 (internal) zgc:136505 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0145 560542 epsin 2-like (internal) epn2 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 LOC560542 (internal) fb51h11, fs38h01, wu:fb51h11, wu:fs38h01 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0146 569437 similar to Contactin-3 precursor (Brain-derived immunoglobulin superfamily protein 1) (BIG-1) (Plasmacytoma-associated neuronal (internal) cntn3a.1 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 LOC569437 (internal) cntn3a, si:ch211-247h9.1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0150 intergenic (internal) 2010-06-14 Candidate
GBT0151 567446 nusap1 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 YF-9, ankt, fb76a01, fi37a11, sb:cb490, wu:fb76a01, wu:fi37a11 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0156 563428 Fraser syndrome 1 (internal) fras1 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 id:ibd5080; wu:fc10b09; si:ch211-191a6.5; fras1 (internal) id:ibd5080, pif, si:ch211-191a6.5, wu:fc10b09 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0157 724006 zgc:136939 (internal) mgat5 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 si:dkeyp-4h4.2 (internal) mgat5a, si:dkeyp-4h4.2, zgc:136939 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0165 794479 col8a2 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 si:ch211-197n10.4 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0166 64269 ATPase, Na+/K+ transporting, beta 2a polypeptide (internal) atp1b2a (GenBank) 2010-06-14 cb711; atp1b2; MGC86580; MGC113970; zgc:86580; wu:fc09e11; atp1b2a (internal) atp1b2, cb711, wu:fc09e11, zgc:86580 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0168 492758 fibroblast growth factor 13 (internal) fgf13a (GenBank) 2010-06-14 zgc:101784; fgf13 (internal) fgf13, zgc:101784 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0169 intergeneic (internal) 2010-06-14 Candidate
GBT0171 UNC79 (internal) 2010-06-14 CABZ01066924.1 (internal) Confirmed
GBT0179 187187 K09A11.t1 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 CELE_K09A11.t1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0180 790937 kaznb (GenBank) 2010-06-14 fa97c12, kazn, si:dkey-17e11.1, wu:fa97c12, zgc:158299 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0183 intergenic (internal) 2010-06-14 Candidate
GBT0190 100001699 barhl2 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 B-H2, wu:fq39g04, zgc:113948 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0192 563598 nrxn3a (GenBank) 2010-06-14 im:7144250, nrxn3aa, nrxn3ab, wu:fj54c11 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0198 Intergenic (internal) 2010-06-14 Candidate
GBT0202 569081 rerea (GenBank) 2010-06-14 atrophin2, rere (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0203 678534 ntm (GenBank) 2010-06-14 zgc:136455 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0205 100151756 fam117ab (GenBank) 2010-06-14 zgc:175133 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0230 797651 jam3a (GenBank) 2010-06-14 jamc.2, si:ch211-277g22.3 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0238 792928 tgfbr1b (GenBank) 2010-06-14 Confirmed
GBT0251 692279 foxl2a (GenBank) 2010-06-14 foxl2, foxl2-1, foxl2-2, zgc:136549 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0255 114441 ncam2 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 sb:eu836, zOCAM (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0265 557878 igsf3 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 si:ch211-247j6.1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0268 100534737 ano5a (GenBank) 2010-06-14 ano5, si:dkey-261m9.4 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0273 117603 klf3 (GenBank) 2010-06-14 klf12 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0348 570245 ryanodine receptor 1b (skeletal) (internal) ryr1b (GenBank) 2010-06-14 im:7137738; si:dkey-250i19.1; ryr1b (internal) im:7137738, si:dkey-250i19.1 (GenBank) Confirmed
GBT0969 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Confirmed
GBT0359 pla2g4c (internal) 0000-00-00
GBT0413 ENSDARG00000094054 (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT0421 fam78b (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT0423 ENSDARG00000091251 (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT0436 (x) 0000-00-00
GBT0507 553561 sub1a (GenBank) 0000-00-00 zgc:109973 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0512 100330053 LOC100330053 (GenBank) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT0514 100536287 nav1a (GenBank) 0000-00-00 nav1 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0538 405864 itgb1b.2 (GenBank) 0000-00-00 zgc:85632 (GenBank) Candidate
GBT0584 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Confirmed
GBT0586 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Confirmed
GBT0702 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Confirmed
GBT0724 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Confirmed
GBT0734 si:dkey-15h8.15 (internal) 0000-00-00 si:dkey-15h8.15 (internal) Confirmed
GBT0920 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT0936 eya4 (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT0958 si:ch211-263k4.2 (internal) 0000-00-00 si:ch211-263k4.2 (internal) Confirmed
GBT0965 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT0968 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00
GBT0971 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT0989 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT0992 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT0994 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Confirmed
GBT0995 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT1002 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT1010 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT1024 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Confirmed
GBT1067 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT1071 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT1100 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Confirmed
GBT1116 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT1126 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT1135 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Candidate
GBT1168 intergeneic (internal) 0000-00-00 Intergenic (internal) Confirmed
GBT1300 Platelet derived growth factor receptor alpha (internal) 0000-00-00 pdgfra (internal) Confirmed
MN0002 parga (internal) 0000-00-00
GBT0751 777756 nup98 (GenBank) 0000-00-00 im:7151238, zgc:113968, zgc:63593 (GenBank) Candidate

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